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Sacred Dance Midvale Community Lutheran Church

Sacred Dance Artist-in-Residence

Dance has long found a place in the history of the church, and the opportunity to experience sacred dance is an important part of our spiritual expression at Midvale Community Lutheran Church. Beginning in January, 2015 through the generosity of the Midvale endowment, an artist-in-residence for sacred dance was created. Melissa Mendl has been serving in this role since its inception.

The sacred dance ministry includes individual and group dances during worship approximately 6-8 times each year. Both youth and adults can participate in the ministry.

“Liturgical dance is an invitational art. It invites us to God with our whole being: it helps us move beyond verbal expressions to a fuller experience of our relationship with God” - Kathleen Kline-Chesson. “The Living Word: Dance as a Language of Faith.” Christian Century. March 22-29, 1989. The Dance program goals are: to enrich worship and engage many people in the dance experience (by participation or as a viewer); to see worship in a new and different way;  to experience a new form of prayer; and to emphasize the message and texts of a worship service in a kinetic way.

See a video of Melissa's Good Friday dance: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9hxAOOXJqY8