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Prayer Ministry

On the third weekend of every month, prayer stations are set-up during holy communion. Anyone is able to approach the prayer station during communion distribution and ask for a prayer of any kind. It could be for themselves, for a loved one, for a difficult situation or for a joyful one, or another request. A trained prayer minister will then offer a prayer for that request. All prayer requests are kept confidential. Then, if desired, the prayer minister will anoint the person with oil and offer this prayer: In the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, be strengthened and filled with God's grace, that you may know the healing power of the Spirit. Amen. Then the person may return to their place in the sanctuary.

In addition to experiencing the healing power of prayer, we hope this ministry will also lift up the ability of everyone - not just the pastors - to pray. We also hope it will be an encouragement and positive witness to the truth that we all can regularly request prayer for whatever might be needful. This prayer ministry is just one part of the healing ministry of the church. The healing of the gospel is present in the sacraments, in the Word as it is read and preached, in the confession and forgiveness of sins, and in the fellowship of Christians in mutual encouragement and prayer support.