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Rev. Katie Baardseth

What does it mean to be a Lutheran Pastor?

Being a Lutheran pastor means that I have been called by God and God’s people to lead. Faithful leadership involves serving others by preaching, teaching, administering sacraments, and being a worthy example. While it is a privilege to connect with people at such meaningful points in their lives such as baptism, confirmation, marriage, and at death, I also enjoy the day-to-day aspects of ministry like Bible Study, worship, counseling, and community.

How and when did you decide to become a pastor?

I decided to become a pastor at seminary! I entered Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota on a first year scholarship at the suggestion of my undergraduate professors. Originally, I planned to study toward a doctorate in religious studies. Once I was there I became inspired to be a pastor. Every day I am glad for the way God directed me!

How does your spirituality fit into your daily life?

My spirituality stems from my identity as a child of God. Because God is faithful to me, my whole life is a response to this loving and sacrificing God. That means I pray a lot, I work to serve others, I prioritize tending relationships over anything else, I steward my resources for God’s sake, and I trust in God’s forgiveness. I like to tell jokes, find humor, and seek comedy because I believe God frees us for laughter.

If there is one thing people should know about your belief system, what is it?

One thing people should know is that God loves them- that God pursues each of us with what Frederick Buechner calls “a holy passion”. Lutherans focus on God’s radical love for humanity as revealed in Jesus Christ. God will never stop loving us- the cross and resurrection proclaim that not even death can separate us from God’s love.

What do you like best about ministry and life in Madison?

I love interacting with Madison’s people - those who worship at Midvale Community Lutheran, those who live in our neighborhood or in our school community, and those who are spread around the whole county. I am inspired by Midvale Community Lutheran Church’s commitment to providing care to transitioning people through projects like “The Road Home” and Lutheran World Relief Quilting. What a joy to be surrounded by people who actively participate in God’s mission to make this world better for our neighbors. It continues to be a special privilege to connect with my Jewish and Muslim friends on UW-Madison’s Lubar Institute Steering Committee. Going biking on the great trails, roller-blading around the lakes, checking out Sequoya Library, and getting a coffee at EVP are so enjoyable!