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Church Council & Committees

Church Council

A President is elected for a two year term, one year as Vice President/President-Elect and then one year as President.

A Secretary and a Treasurer are elected for one year terms, which can be renewed.

Nine members of Council are elected for three year terms, to provide leadership in the areas of Adult Education, Building and Grounds, Children/Youth Education, Congregational Life, Evangelism and Communication, Social Ministry, Stewardship, Worship, and Youth/Family Ministry. Council positions may be designated as Co-Chairs to share the work load and offer greater opportunities for members to be involved in the work of the church.


The Adult Education Committee plans the program of adult forums for September through May. Committee members help make contacts with speakers, write up publicity, and serve as hosts for sessions. Some members have skills in using projection and audio equipment, but committee work is mostly about helping plan programs.

The Arts and Worship Environment Committee oversees the art and liturgical decoration of the church, plans for the seasons of the church calendar and coordinates the display of appropriate art throughout the building.

The Building and Grounds Committee oversees the maintenance and furnishings of the building. Working in cooperation with the custodian, this group carries out minor repairs, helps with special projects, and advises the Church Council on needed improvements and changes. Members with expertise in this area are especially encouraged to join or assist this committee.

The Children/Youth Education Committee works with the Youth and Family Director and the pastors in planning and implementing the program of education for the children and youth of the congregation. Membership is open to anyone interested, not just members with children or youth.

The Congregational Life Steering Committee includes individuals who are leading or interested in some of the many activities involving fellowship with the congregation and anyone interested in planning congregational activities.

The Endowment/Memorial Committee consists of five members of the congregation, the pastor(s), and two members of the Congregational Council. Recently reconstituted, the committee is responsible for management of Midvale's Endowment Fund and provides oversight over the many Memorial accounts created to honor individuals, programs, or activities of the Church.

The Evangelism and Communication Committees help invite and welcome new people to our faith community and help us provide clear, engaging and interesting communication to our members and the community.

The Social Ministry Committee takes the call to educate the congregation, advocate for the needs of others, and call MCLC members into action. This committee plans and coordinates all of the service activities of the church, recruits volunteers for various ministries, and recommends the recipients of the church’s financial giving by dispersing over $60,000 to support ministries such as: ELCA Synod and Churchwide Ministries, Lutheran Social Services, Lutheran Campus Ministry, St. Mark’s Food Pantry, Porch Light, YWCA Third Street Program, The Road Home, Triangle Ministry, Dane County Jail Ministry (MALC) and Allied Drive Eviction Program.

The Stewardship Committee plans and conducts the annual stewardship campaign and assists members in sharing their time, talents and resources for Christ’s mission.

The Worship Committee plans with the pastors for the worship services and related activities of each liturgical season, identifies and tries out new ideas to enhance the worship experience, and oversees the various groups that participate in worship, including the music program.

The Youth and Family Ministry Committee supports the Director of Youth and Family Ministry in developing programs for the youth of the church.