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Triangle Community Ministry

Triangle Community Ministry( (TCM) is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization formed in 1978 to meet the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of residents in the urban renewal district bordered by West Washington, Park and Regent Streets.  Today TCM employs three part-time staff, a Registered Parish Nurse, a Chaplain and an Outreach Development Manager, as it continues to provide health care/health education, spiritual counseling and a sense of community for residents of the second largest subsidized housing complex in Wisconsin.  TCM staff function in a spirit of friendship and support among residents, linking them with community health and social service organizations and offering a listening ear to help defuse problems.


In the 1960’s , the triangular area, formerly known as The Greenbush, was developed to provide low-income public housing for older adults and people with disabilities.  Since all homes, stores, playgrounds and places of worship in the triangle were demolished to make way for new high-rise and handicapped accessible apartments, an ecumenical group of individuals and faith communities united with health and social service providers to form Triangle Community Ministry.  The purpose was to give residents opportunities to gather for worship and to build and strengthen community.


87% of the residents have physical, emotional and or mental disabilities. 

The residents’ average annual income is $9,948.  Each resident pays 30% of their income to live here and the remaining amount is paid by HUD.

While originally over 40 churches of all denominations financially contributed to TCM, today support has been coming from 20 congregations.  *Midvale Community Lutheran Church was an early (and faithful) financial supporter of TCM.

Financial Support & Budget

Financial support comes from 20 area congregations (30%) as well as St. Mary’s, United Way (24%), and various service organizations and private individuals.  The projected income for 2014/2015 is $73,200.  17% of the income will pay for programs, office rent and supplies.  The remaining will pay the salary (and Pastor’s benefits) for the Outreach Manager, Pastor and TCM Parish Nurse.

How can you help?

  1. Keep us in your prayers.
  2. Help at the Second Harvest Food Pantry in the Brittingham Community Room from 1 pm to 3 pm on the first Wednesday of the month.
  3. Volunteer your services to assist residents with insurance, healthcare or other challenges.
  4. Give the gift of your presence by volunteering to visit residents or drive them to doctor, dental or other healthcare appointments.
  5. Bring food to events such as the annual Christmas party or other holiday gatherings.
  6. Donate game prizes (see website list).
  7. Contribute financially.

To find out more

Visit the TCM website at www.triangleministry.com