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The Second Chance Apartment Project

The Second Chance Apartment Project is a program of The Road Home which provides support and shelter for overcoming homelessness. Midvale’s residence just east of the church on Wakefield provides housing for a family for two years. Midvale members and others in the community donated funds to cover rent and utility costs for two years and provided funds and labor to update the house and furnish it. Members also volunteer as mentors and provide Christmas gifts.

The Second Chance Apartment Project is a partnership between Midvale Community Lutheran Church, The Road Home (formerly known as the Interfaith Hospitality Network), and the Madison Community Foundation whose mission is to encourage, facilitate, and manage long-term philanthropy in the Madison area.

Why Rent the Wakefield House to a Family through the Second Chance Apartment Project?

A number of years ago, Lutheran Social Services moved out of the church-owned house on Wakefield Street. Over time, Midvale Community Lutheran Church tried to find a useful purpose for the property. Midvale Community Lutheran Church was unsuccessful in finding another non-profit agency to rent the house and efforts to gain permission from the city to tear down the house and convert the property into additional church parking also failed. Meanwhile, the house remained empty.

The Social Ministry Committee, in consultation with the Church Council, explored with The Road Home staff the possibility of renting the Wakefield house to a family through the Second Chance Apartment Project. In spring 2013 the Church Council officially endorsed this idea and the Social Ministry Committee led the effort.

With the support of the Church Council, the Social Ministry Committee led efforts to prepare and furnish the Wakefield property and raised the funds necessary to support a family living in the Wakefield house for a two-year period. The first family graduated from the program in October 2015, and funds were raised to support a second family in this program.

Second Chance Apartment Project Christmas Wish List 2016

Christmas is a season of light, hope, and joy. During this holiday season, it is important for us to remember people who are less fortunate than ourselves. The five-member family living in the Midvale Community Lutheran Church-sponsored Second Chance Apartment (the Wakefield house) has provided us with a wish list for this holiday season. Their Christmas gift wish list appears below. Let’s bring the holiday spirit to our Second Chance family. As always, your generosity will be greatly appreciated!

Dad and Mom:
Kitchen blender

Child (18 year old female):
Lip gloss
Sweat pants (size 18)
Shirts (size XL)
Hoodies (size XL)

Child (14 year old male):
Legos (any kind)
Plain shirts (size large)
Black ankle socks (size 10)

Child (11 year old female):
Fake nails
Hoodie sweaters (size 8 slim)
Ankle socks (any color)

Should you be interested in donating any of these gifts then please contact Social Ministry Committee member Greg Lampe (greg.lampe@charter.net /238.1012) for more information. Please deliver wrapped gifts labeled with the age of the child or labeled mom or dad to the church office before Wednesday, December 21.

On behalf of the family living in the Midvale Community Lutheran Church-sponsored Second Chance Apartment, the Social Ministry Committee thanks you for your kindness, generosity, and consideration. We wish you a joyous holiday season!