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Endowment Fund & Grants

Our congregation has an endowment fund that is administered by members of the congregation. The earned income from this fund is used to for additional ministries that would not otherwise be possible. For information on making a gift or bequest to the endowment fund, please contact one of the pastors.

Do you have a unique passion or interest that you feel can enhance the Church’s work?

Is there a gap in the services that the Church is currently providing to our members, the community or global missions?

Are there improvements in our physical building or equipment that could better meet our members’ needs and broaden the Church’s missions?

Please consider submitting a grant request to Midvale’s Endowment Fund!

The Midvale Community Lutheran Church Endowment Fund exists to enhance the work of the Church by establishing new ministries and stewardship opportunities. The next round of grand requests are due October 15, 2017.

These three general areas guide the purpose of the Endowment Fund:

  • Ministry: visiting theologians, local and world mission support, health/healing ministry, congregational anniversary remembrances, campus ministry
  • Education: scholarships for academic or continuing education in religious studies, sponsorship of workshops/seminars or study programs, sponsorship of a seminary chair
  • Facilities: special building projects and equipment purchases

Questions? Please contact the Midvale Community Lutheran Church Office at (608) 238-7119 or info@midvalelutheran.org, or speak with one of the pastors or members of the Endowment Committee:  Maggie Larson, Margaret Hoffman, Adam Berndt, Wayne Milestone, Becca Burnett, or Nancy Paulson.