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Youth Choir

What’s that joyful noise coming from the sanctuary on Wednesday nights at 5:45pm?

It’s the Midvale Community Youth Choir kids, of course, and it’s time to get singin’, people!

Sometimes we do traditional “church” songs. Sometimes we tackle music from contemporary Christian artists. But most of the time we sing uplifting music chosen by our kids because it speaks to them. My mission is to nourish them as spiritual beings and as musicians. So it’s not all hymns and halleluias, but it is a whole heck-of-a-lot of fun.

(And sometimes I’ll hear halleluias when they’re not even in the song lyrics. Seriously.)

We start out every rehearsal with warm-ups. By singing about the highs and lows of our weeks, we work on creating a strong, cohesive sound while sharing our joys and our concerns. Since our music education happens in the supportive community of Midvale, I try to build in opportunities to help them lift each other up and problem-solve about issues they’re facing out in the world. While we’re helping each other to grow into the wisest and kindest versions of ourselves, we’ll also listen to pitch, learn about harmony, and strengthen our muscles to help us project a quality vocal sound. (I’ve had several of our youth choir participants tell me that their music teachers at school have noticed the quality of their singing has improved.) We are creating strong, confident singers who know how to read music and musical notation, how to breathe, how to project, and how to truly embody the message of a song with our bodies and our voices.

Everyone who practices with us on Wednesday nights will have a chance to perform as a group during worship at least once a month. After your child has been working with us for a year or two and has had a chance to polish their vocal quality, they may want to try a solo or a duet. Opportunities abound!

If you have a fourth-grader or up, please encourage them to join us. Even if your child has never sung in church before, there is a place for them in our music program! If you have any questions or concerns about getting involved, please feel free to email Kristina_Stadler@yahoo.com.

Kristina Stadler, Youth Choir Director