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Bread Breakers

Ever wish you knew other folks at Midvale just a bit better? Maybe you’re relatively new to Midvale and haven’t met many people yet… Maybe you’re a long-time member who would like to meet some of those new faces you see at worship… Maybe you’re someone who would like to feel more connected to your church community…

What is Bread Breakers?

Bread Breakers is a fellowship ministry in which small groups of people meet once a month for 3 months to share a simple meal and conversation together. The groups are intergenerational and a mix of both long-time and newer members/friends of Midvale.

How does it work?

Participants are randomly assigned to small groups of 6-8 people for a 3-month session. At the beginning of each session, participants receive a mailing which includes group assignments, contact info, and general instructions.  Each group meets together once a month for those 3 months to share a meal and get to know one another better. When the session ends, the groups are shuffled, a new mailing goes out with new groups, and the process starts over again.  Sessions run Winter (Jan-Feb); Spring (March-Apr-May); Summer (June-July-Aug); and Fall (Sept-Oct-Nov).  We don’t meet in December due to busy schedules during Advent and Christmas time.

When and where will my group meet?

One person in each group is designated as the “first host” of the group. The first host contacts each member of his/her small group to arrange a date/time for the first meeting. Some ideas: the host’s home, a moderately-priced restaurant, the church fellowship hall, a city park, or wherever your imagination leads you. Future plans for hosts and places for meeting are made at each meal.  Ideally, each member of the group helps in some way with hosting duties.

Who provides the meal?

Food arrangements are up to each small group and can vary from meeting to meeting. Some ideas: potluck with each household providing a dish; the host provides the meal; take-out; or dine in a restaurant. The meal can be for breakfast/brunch, lunch, or dinner – whatever works for the group!

How do I join?

You can sign up at church – look for a sign-up sheet in the Gathering Space. Or you can contact Laura directly at lauras@midvalelutheran.org. Please provide name(s), preferred phone number, and e-mail address. You only need to sign up once.  Thereafter, you are automatically included in subsequent sessions.  You can sign up any time! Your name will be added whenever the next groups are formed. You can also have your name removed from the Bread Breakers list at any time.

Any other questions?

Ask Laura in person or by email to lauras@midvalelutheran.org.