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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Waiting carries many emotions - anticipation, wonder, eagerness, dread, agitation, fear, longing, loss. Of course, much of our emotional response is determined by that for which we wait. Our time of waiting will be experienced differently depending on that which we expect. How we choose to be in the waiting matters. Not necessarily for God, but for ourselves. 


The Bible readings for worship this weekend all touch on waiting in one way or another, waiting for justice, waiting for resurrection, waiting for Jesus to come. In our faith, we trust that God will show up. God will show up in the midst of our waiting. God will show up to be what we need God to be depending on how we experience the waiting. If our waiting is experienced in fear - God comes with peace. If our waiting is experienced in longing - God arrives with deep and abiding satisfaction. If our waiting is experienced in anticipation - God accompanies us in the joy that should be our present. In the words of Matthew, yes, keep alert. But not only keep alert for what is to come, keep alert for the ways in which God enters into our present - and seems to bring exactly what we need.

Blake Rohrer

Pastor Blake is co-pastor of Midvale Community Lutheran Church with his wife, Pastor Katie Baardseth. He loves serving a congregation that is welcoming, engaged with the community and the world, and centered in God's love in Jesus. He and Pastor Katie have two teenage daughters who bring them great joy. As a family they love getting outdoors in the Madison area. After living here for over fifteen years, Pastor Blake continues to be amazed at this community and all it has to offer.