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Katie Luther

Sunday, October 22, 2017

This weekend, Midvale Community Lutheran welcomes storyteller Pati Kachel to worship at all services. She will be portraying Katie Luther, remembering her not only as Martin’s wife and the mother of their six children, but also as the energetic and effective manager of all that went on in the Luther household—its flocks and fields, its brewery and its boarding house—and as a bold, thoughtful, faithful person of faith.


From her childhood, Katie was apparently destined for a quiet life as a nun in the convent led by her aunt, the abbess of Nimbschen. At the age of 16, Katie made her final vows, no doubt expecting to live out her days in the convent’s peaceful routine of prayer and contemplation.


But two years later, in 1517, something happened. A monk who taught at the nearby university tacked up a list of 95 theses on a church door where everyone could see them—and it was a sensation among the scholars and religious of the region. Katie and some of her sisters were eager to learn all they could about this new movement in the church, reading and discussing these new ideas among themselves. They reached out to Martin Luther in 1523. By the end of what became a project to help this group of nuns, Martin and Katie were married. Come this weekend to experience Pati Kachel's Katie Luther and her unique perspective on faith in the Reformation!